Created by the Committee to Elect Francesca for Judge. 

Why Vote for Francesca?

             Pennsylvania is leading the way in enacting sweeping criminal justice reform measures.  New bills proposed in the Legislature include ending life sentences without parole and eliminating mandatory minimum sentences.  The Judges we elect to the bench now could have more discretion when it comes to sentencing than any others in our Commonwealth's history.  It is important we elect judges with integrity, compassion and a willingness to learn what factors a person is facing that has resulted in the choice to commit a crime.  As a former Public Defender, Francesca believes strongly that criminal defendants should be treated fairly in the court system regardless of economic status.

             Francesca has a good understanding of Civil Practice on both sides of the aisle.  She has worked on behalf of insurance companies and fought against them.  She has handled a wide array of cases including motor vehicle accidents, premises, products liability, medical malpractice and insurance coverage disputes.  She knows what it's like to be in front of the bench and the importance of allowing each side to thoroughly argue and present their case before rendering a decision.  

            When it comes to sitting on the bench, experience counts and Francesca has it.